Temporary gallery berlin

The Temporary Gallery Berlin opened in December 2010, with the primary purpose of creating an exhibition space for independent artists in Berlin as well as connecting these artists with similar exhibition spaces all over the world, in cities such as New York, Miami and Spain. The Temporary Gallery Berlin will provide artists with the marketing and general organizational skills required to hold an exhibition.

The Temporary Gallery Berlin aims to reach the international art community and has already begun to do so through partnering with Museums and Gemäldegalerie (please look at cooperations), different Hotels and Clubs located in Berlin-Mitte, with Villa Henckel, located in Potsdam, Museum Il Palagio, Seat of LiberoAdreotti, Italy, Gemäldegalerie at Kulturforum and VDP, Berlin. Working together with partners, tgb helps to organize openings and other events in the area in which the artist’s work is being displayed.

Despite the international economic crisis, the art world has not suffered as much as other industries and this is evident in the art scene as well. There is still a readiness to invest in art, seen especially during Art Fairs. 
The Temporary Gallery Berlin will provide a place for artists to exhibit their works in cities where the art market is steadily rising and where many young collectors come to buy works by new emerging artists.